Why Marijuana Dispensaries Need Reputation Monitoring

Reputation management is an important task for any small business with an online presence and that is doubly true for small businesses in the marijuana industry.

Not only does marijuana come with its own set of long-held stereotypes, in the time immediately after legalization many states saw a rush of people opening new businesses without having the business acumen to properly care for their customers.

This led to a flood of complaints about marijuana businesses specifically for improper business practices or bad dealings. Overcoming all of those challenges requires a solid plan for tracking and managing your reputation online.


Reputation Monitoring

As a marijuana dispensary you are limited in the tools you can use for marketing, meaning social media and review sites are always an important part of your marketing strategy. Unfortunately, those are the places where people are most likely to log complaints as well.

When a bad review comes in, it needs to be addressed immediately, not a few days later when you finally get around to checking your page. That’s why marketing agencies offer reputation monitoring services to stay on top of what people are saying.

Serious About Customer Satisfaction

When you enlist the help of a reputation management agency like Marijuana Marketing Xperts, you will be showing your customers that you are serious about customer service.

Whether they leave a good review or a bad one, quickly responding to thank them for their feedback is a great place to start. If the review is bad, asking them to call and speak to a specific manager is a great way to show them that they will be taken care of and the situation will be corrected.
For the most part, this is done by using a simple stock message that can be posted immediately after a negative review comes in. It also eliminates the chances of taking the attack personally and engaging in a war of words in the full view of the public.

Setting the Standard

Companies who are serious about their reputation online help set the bar for all of the other dispensaries in town. Customers notice when a company responds quickly and handles issues effectively. In fact, social media pages like Facebook even tell consumers how quickly a business typically responds to a message so they can see if it is even worth trying to reach out.

If you’re the only dispensary in town that is known for being responsive and helpful, you may quickly become the popular choice among those who use review sites before making a purchasing decision.

Reputation management for dispensaries should never be ignored. The more you engage with your customers and show them that you care, the more your business will thrive. http://marijuana-marketing.ca offers full-scale reputation monitoring and management services to keep your brand on track across all of your social media and review sites.